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“Gifts from the…

June 23, 2013
Joy is..Giving from the heart.

“Gifts from the heart always matter.”

I have a twin brother who is a very hard-working, self-made man. He took his passion for collecting memorabilia from Hollywood and restores these old artifacts into treasures. He feels like he is helping the memory of these nostalgic pieces stay in people’s lives..he truly has a passion for them.  He loves his 5 year old daughter and wife and works very hard.

I wanted to give him a treasure and went to the art store in search of something special to make him ( being his super-spiritually minded sis I wanted to make something).

I found a tiny treasure chest and sanded it and wrote in glitter glue BREATHE, COURAGE, FAMILY, LOVE and FAITH. I sat it on my sunny deck to dry then filled the small box with magical colored confetti and placed a  small pine cone in it that I found on my hike earlier in the week. The pine cone was unusual in that it appeared like a lotus flower so I carefully painted a golden center with red-silvery highlights. Last step was I placed an orange metallic butterfly in the treasure chest and will mail it in the morning. My twin will LOVE the box and its sentiment and I loved making it for him.

What treasures have you unearthed in your life today?

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