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A 50 year old Gem named Peter..

June 27, 2013

My husband Peter turns 50 tomorrow and unlike previous birthdays he has never made much of a deal about how it is spent. This birthday has great significance for him on many levels now, however.The first being that his BELOVED father passed away in England a year and a half ago and that was EXCRUCIATING for him to endure and he misses his dad daily… He was much like Natie in how he looks to his quiet and graceful composure not to mention impeccable manner of dressing. Next, it has been 10 years since Peter survived a cancer that is common in elderly people but was diagnosed at 38 with 3 young children. Miraculously, he healed and didn’t require follow-up treatment, but wears his long scar like a badge of both COURAGE and GRATITUDE he survived and thrived. Lastly, Peter was determined to getting in great shape for the BIG 50 and now runs 2.5 miles daily and is back to the way he felt in his late 20’s.

When my youngest son went out shopping for 50 birthday decorations, I was struck at the grace Riley has in his composure at nearly 14 much like his Dad does at 50.

Tomorrow will be a family day of breakfast prepared by the kids and I as well as a packed up picnic and a boat ride in the harbor. We will see fireworks in the evening and truly CELEBRATE the health and gratefulness for this amazing guy/father named Peter.

If you ask Peter what matters most to him it is always the same answer: that my wife, kids and family are happy & healthy. WHAT A GEM.

Who are you celebrating in your life today?


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